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A Peak Into Our Metal Booth

At our workshop, the key word is synergy



It’s no secret that we love woodworking. Our shop hosts a vast inventory to service any conceivable wood need, from sourcing beautiful local lumber to planing, milling, edging, and sanding. What some might not know, is that there exists a vast and exciting realm of woodworking in the intersection of other skilled trades. Take a table for example, though the slab might be beautifully sourced and shaped, it still needs to be carefully finished for preservation and aesthetic. Similarly, a table is near useless without its legs, which are an intricate project in themselves.

At our workshop, we have a beautiful synergy between our departments which often have to work in tandem. We’d like to offer you a quick digital tour of our welding services and our handy fabricator Iain!

Iain joined our team in 2022, and he’s been a most welcome addition ever since! With years of experience, he’s mastered the art of cleaning, shaping, melting, joining, separating, texturing and colouring metal to create stunning pieces that exceed your expectations. Iain’s greatest gift to our team is his diversity of skill and his creative solution-based process. Iain works closely with our wood working team to design and prototype thrilling marriages between metal and wood.




Take for example our bespoke handrails, especially designed for our custom decks and stairways. Our handrails have a signature sleek and contemporary gleam, locally powder coated before they’re assembled before your eyes. Our handrails can be picketed with glass, wood inserts, or metal. Our fabrication department works closely with our on-field team to ensure these pieces are installed with strong structural bearings, to stand for lifetimes, and as a perfect complement to the homes they cordon.



For restaurant owners, our keen eye can ensure all your hardware needs are met both in integrity and in line with your restaurant’s style. Though metalwork is meant to stand strong and unchanging, it wouldn’t be our work without some customization or dynamic element. We love adding bearings, gears, hinges and sliders to all our metal work, and our legs are no different. Our legs are almost always fitted with adjustable caps such that restaurant owners never have to worry about squeaky legs again! 




And as with all things, the Lopez crew loves to scale it up. Our same adjustable legs concept was enlarged to a greater scale. With the quick spin of a drill, we are even able to adjust the levels of our bespoke metal spiral staircase, which probably weighs a few thousands of pounds.




For any business, we can offer signage that is so much more than just information, each of our signs is fabricated in perfect tandem with our client company’s aesthetic. With our custom CNC engraving, we’re sure to capture your style in a way that speaks volumes about your business. Just take a look at these signs we made for ourselves!




For warehouse businesses especially, our design and welding departments work together to create industrial shelving units and cantilevers that maximize every inch of space efficiently. Our precisely and durably manufactured racking and shelving units will meet all of your storage needs with style! We even love outfitting our huge cantilevers with custom adjustable levelers in case they need to be tweaked for any reason. At our own shop, we use these cantilevers to rack lumber in our kilns. They’re designed not only to be sturdy, but also to blend in perfectly. Sometimes when our racks are full of lumber, it’s easy to forget these gargantuan structures are even there holding them up.





It’s no secret, our Design: Prototype: Build department is not for everybody. It is specifically for the artist, inventor, or dreamer. True to our vision for being a one-stop shop, it has always been our commitment or passion to encourage clients with the most unique and challenging vision to come to us. If the client can provide the vision, we are equipped to be their arms, agency, and facility. We offer professional design services in-house, vis-à-vis CADs, or computer-aided designs. CADs are the ideal and optimal representation of a construction idea. These CADs can be universally read and executed by any contractor, carpenter, glass supplier, metal fabricator, bylaw officer, or the like.



The prototype phase of the production run is perhaps the most important part of the whole procedure. The prototype fulfils any possible demand a client may have about their previously intelligible idea. For one, it can be useful as a standalone service for the client who is looking for investors. As well, for a client who already has the funds needed, they can use the prototype for an important first visualization of their design. A prototype can also allow for a client to conceive of a production run and plan for the same.



This brings us to the final phase of production, namely, ‘Build’. Our workshop is outfitted with a diverse range of facilities, which, in conjunction with our extensive network of partnered businesses, allow us to work with any conceivable material. Production runs are our favorite way of creating—each iteration is made with increasing efficiency, less time, and increasing familiarity. Not only is this the easiest way for us to get the ball rolling, but the larger the required production run, the more time and money is saved by our client in the long run, which allows us to offer increasing discounts on larger orders through accrued efficiencies.


We hope you enjoyed this digital tour of our metalworking booth. If you ever have need of custom welding and fabrication services, please do reach out! We’d be happy to be of service and are experienced in working with steel, aluminum, and brass, and incorporating with innovative mechanisms such as gyroscopes, motors, hinges, and bearing balls. You are also most welcome to schedule an in-person tour of our shop.


We deeply appreciate your support of our friendly neighbourhood woodshop! We're always glad to be of service, and behalf of our team, a very happy summer!


About Lopez Contracting & Design Ltd:

Lopez Contracting & Design Ltd is a local and emerging artisanal contracting company that specializes in highly custom projects, ranging from renovations to bespoke commissions such as live-edge furniture. Our one-stop shop strongly values our community, and we strive to operate within a 100% local network of partnered suppliers, sub-trades, artisans, and specialists. Our wood supply network, for example, sources largely from local ethical arborists.

We host a beautiful and diverse display of Vancouver Island’s finest lumber specimen, ready to be kilned, milled, sanded, edged, finished, or otherwise prepared right here in our shop for any discerning patron or project. Our one-stop shop offers singularly rare and unique services right here in the heart of Victoria, including one of downtown’s only kiln, lathe, and CNC services.


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Our Triple Crown Philosophy

Some years ago, I innately understood that a building structure should have three important attributes. First, it should be structurally sound. Second, it should be aesthetically pleasing. Third, it should be attainable or affordable. Ever since, I have strived to make everything I do worthy of this triple crown of excellence.

During a ferry ride to Vancouver, I saw my young son had drawn Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man in my notebook. To my surprise, my son’s sketch led me to discover the historic importance of this idea. This world-famous sketch of a man in a circle, his arms outstretched in two different overlapping poses, has become iconic. A Wikipedia search showed me how Da Vinci was inspired by proportions described by Vitruvius in his ancient treatise of De Architectura.

Vitruvius was arguably the greatest architect in history. His work is the only major surviving publication on architecture from classical antiquity. It was written for Emperor Augustus, made famous in the Bible for his census which brought Jesus’ parents to Bethlehem. Eminent Roman architects such as Vitruvius were skilled in engineering, art, and craftsmanship. As an army engineer himself, Vitruvius had overseen all manner of building and construction for wars and settlements across Europe and North Africa.

The most famous maxim of Vitruvius was that architecture should embody three qualities: utilitias, firmitas, and venustas. In English, this means that great handiwork should be useful, sturdy, and with beautiful proportions. (Just imagine what Venus, the goddess of love, might look like.)

I was delighted and not disappointed to find out that my idea was old and not new. It gives me more motivation than ever to offer you the product of a triple crown craftsman: sturdy, useful, and beautiful work at a reasonable price.