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Metal Fabrication and Welding


At Lopez Contracting, we understand metal thoroughly and reverently. We are equipped with years of knowledge in cleaning, shaping, melting, joining, separating, and colouring metal in any way you’ve dreamed.

We design, build, and install guard rails for the homeowner. We bring a familiarity to the home and project that an installer for hire could never. Once installed, our guard rails would stand unblemished for lifetimes.

We envision, fabricate, and affix table legs for the restaurant next door, working flexibly with the most unique tables. After all, if we know something, it’s how wood and metal work together, meaning no more wobbly tables for your customers.

We draft, weld up, and erect industrial shelving units and cantilevers for the local warehouse business. Our units fit with pinpoint precision into every corner without a waste of space: our design and weld departments prioritize synergy, accuracy, and sheer structural strength.

You can find us at our weld booth, incorporating all technologies and aesthetics into our metal work, be it via hinges, motors, bearings, batteries, automation, you name it!

Look around you, there is metal hardware everywhere! Metal hoists up the table to your elbows, affixes your storage to rest upon the walls, and suspends stairs under your ascending feet. Metal rusts, metal gleams, metal is dug from the earth and propelled by flame into the heavens. But metal isn’t burnt, it’s bent, and it bends.

In ancient times metal was revered as thunder frozen solid, a material magically harder than stone and mysteriously malleable like clay. Is it any wonder that the ages were named after Copper, Bronze, Iron, or even a mythic Gold?

Matthew and Team

Matthew and the Lopez Contracting team will help you make your perfect space. Let us assist you through the building process by drafting new designs, or joining an established project partway through. Whether it's a residential or a commercial job, you will appreciate and enjoy the space after the job is complete.

Matthew will serve as your foreman and point of contact for all the work performed. He'll utilize his sizeable network of qualified and experienced tradespeople to give your space form and function. Watch your dreams take form right in front of your very eyes!