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There’s a great deal historians can tell about ancient civilizations without even knowing their script or language. One of the best records our oldest ancestors left us is their marketing. Whether it be trader seals from the Indus Valley Civilization, clay tablet advertisements from the fertile crescent, or papyrus sale posters from ancient Egypt, signage and branding are as human as agriculture and education. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; no wonder ads thrived when literacy didn’t!


In the modern times we live in, the power of the image still reigns supreme in the digital and day-to-day world. Take the signboard for example, it’s as old as it is engaging. Despite the universal charm, however, analogue marketing hasn’t been able to keep up so much with the digital advertising world, largely in part due to rising costs of living and materials, as well as the absence of a patronage system; all of which has made handcrafting and reproduction commercially unviable.


Here at our shop, however, we’ve brought the automation of the 21st century into our hand craft in a genuine and ethical way. With the help of our cutting-edge CNC spindle router and laser engraver, we’ve synergized with our design, fabrication, millwork, and finish department. We’re so excited to offer a hyper-custom and near-infinite service for branding and signage, be it lawn signs, signboards, logo-brands, coasters, custom paneling, murals, you name it!


Our service is perfect for homeowners, businesses, and entrepreneurs hoping to enhance their brand to a professional and bespoke grade. This service not only empowers our communities with fair employment, but also extends to local artists, homeowners, and businesses access to an affordable service. All manner of engravings, stencils, prints, signs, and merchandise are available to an entrepreneur’s fingertips.


Whilst our branding packages are subject to customization for your any need, we offer three branding standard packages for various budgets and endeavors:


Team Appreciation Package ($555+)

  • 1 Design package of 4 hours (design and CNC files retained on file)
  • 5 Coasters
  • 5 Fridge magnets
  • 5 Key chains
  • 2 QR code stands
  • 1 "Special occasion" charcuterie board with custom logo engraving


Signage Package ($3,100+)

  • 1 Stencil (max. 18x24”)
  • 1 Design package of 4 hours (design and CNC files retained on file)
  • 1 Signboard
  • 1 Fence sign
  • 1 Lawn sign
  • 1 Sandwich board


Advance Branding Package ($7,500+)

  • 1 Design package of 8 hours (design and CNC files retained on file)
  • 1 Mural
  • 1 Branding stamp (aluminum)
  • 1 Deckles/emblems
  • 1 Vehicle signage


Individual Item Prices (for à la carte orders)

  • Lasered coasters: $10/pc+
  • Fridge magnets $10/pc+
  • Key chain: $5/pc+
  • QR code (links to media): $50+
  • Charcuterie board: $60+
  • Signboard: $100+
  • Charcuterie board with logo: $110+
  • Stencil (18”x24”): $150+
  • Fence sign: $500+
  • Branding stamp (aluminum): $750+
  • Deckles/emblems: $900+
  • Lawn sign: $1,000+
  • Sandwich board: $1,000+
  • Vehicle signage: $1,750+


If you would like to purchase a bespoke branding package for your business, or if you like to customize a branding package a la carte from our individual item offerings, we’d be delighted to be of service for this collaboration. Please get in touch using the form below, and we’d be thrilled to hear from you!

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