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Construction & Renovations

We do far more than just knock down and put up walls! We can transform spaces to meet new needs—whether commercial or residential.

We are able to do custom work. We conduct ourselves with appropriate safety protocolos, in accordance with codes and regulations, and with the required permits and inspections.

Project Design & Project Management

From concept to completion, we work with you to help you realize your vision. Whether you have a broad idea or exact specifications, we can make it happen. We present budget options and a clear scope of work to ensure we share a clear understanding of commitments and expectations.

We are able to make sketches and design or even produce CAD drawings. These may be done ourselves or through people we bring on board. Architects deal with safety, aesthetics, and practicality of the design. They provide the letters of assurance designated for their profession and ensure full compliance with B.C. building codes. We can accomplish residential and commercial projects with confidence.


Concrete, Framing & Siding


From foundations to wall, floor, and roof assemblies to custom art installations, we bring aptitude and experience to the table. We are proud of our proven track record of solid workmanship.

We have worked in nearly all facets of construction, including concrete, framing, siding, finishing, decking, gazebos, auxiliary structures, mezzanines, garages, and flooring.


Custom Timber & Custom Finishing


Working with timber is our special joy. To us, this represents real hands-on carpentry.

We love to work with high-end slab lumber, live edge lumber, posts and beams. Our access to a custom miller provides a wide variety of wood species in any specified dimension. We love joinery, that craft of interlocking wood with glue and not nails. Whether it’s half-lapped and dovetail joints or bowtie splines, we demonstrate a rare and high level of craftsmanship. It is a privilege to deliver that special West Coast look for clients who want it.



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