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• Renos
• Commercial
• Residential
• Concrete
• Framing
• Siding
• Finishing
• Artistic
• Decks
• Fences
• Gazebos
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• Trellises


Construction & Renovations

We do far more than just knock down and put up walls! We can transform spaces to meet new needs—whether commercial or residential.

We are able to do custom work. We conduct ourselves with appropriate safety protocolos, in accordance with codes and regulations, and with the required permits and inspections.


Live Edge Furnishings

At Lopez Contracting Ltd, every product is a story, and a tribute to our beautiful Vancouver Island home.

That’s why all the lumber we use for our live-edge furniture is delivered raw, driven down from up-island through trail, forest, and rock directly into our hands. At our in-house shop we season, kiln, plane, sand, join and finish the wood, transforming what was recently a creaking tree into an eternal work of art. We’re able to work with you to custom design this table to your liking, for example, we are able to accentuate the central river with glass, epoxy, stones, or even a bonsai forest!

This BC trademark style of carpentry requires what we already have in abundance, namely: patience, innovation, experience, infrastructure, and a keen eye. We’ve been perfecting this craft for almost half a decade and are able to offer the finest live edge pieces in southern Vancouver Island.


Metal Fabrication

At Lopez Contracting, we understand metal thoroughly and reverently. We are equipped with years of knowledge in cleaning, shaping, melting, joining, separating, and colouring metal in any way you’ve dreamed.

We've designed, built, and installed guard rails for homeowners. We bring a familiarity to the home and project that an installer for hire never could. We've envisioned, fabricated, and affixed table legs for the restaurant next door. We've drafted, welded, and erected industrial shelving units and cantilevers for local warehouse businesses.

Our pieces fit with pinpoint precision into every corner without a waste of space: our design and weld departments prioritize synergy, accuracy, and sheer structural strength.


Professional Design Services

At Lopez Contracting Ltd, we are proud to host a state-of-the-art design department, and are able to provide professional CAD (computer assisted design) prints for any project, be it a new mansion or an intricate mechanism. We offer CAD services for all projects we are involved in, as well as a standalone service, at an affordable in-house rate. CADs can help you realize your dream project before a single piece of wood has been cut! This visualization is extremely beneficial for revising and perfecting your dream. Having finalized CADs at hand ensures that we can match exactly what was in your mind’s eye and lay it out into a step-by-step plan.

Professional design is an essential first step in any successful project. Anybody who has ever completed a construction project might know how many trades, suppliers, authorities, and experts are needed to be involved and work in tandem. Design allows for all involved parties to be (quite literally) on the same page, allowing accurate material, time, and cost estimates,.


Spray and Finish Services

Wood might make for sturdy constructions and beautiful forms, but without the aesthetic touch of a finished surface, it remains just that, wood. A good finish can let wood take on unlimited potential; it can shine glossy like glass, or blend in subtly with matte. It can be sanded down to a sleek smooth surface, and its negative spaces can be filled with resin for even more character. A finish could complete the aesthetic of your product, but it can also make it a durable and everlasting exterior grade. Not to mention, a good finish can literally colour a project to your preference.

Here at our workshop, we host a state-of-the-art finish booth. Our finish department works in tandem with our skilled workers to finish a myriad of projects, from building faces to easels to even metal pickets. We understand wood, metal, glass and fabric, and how these materials work together. We host a number of finishing tools which are both handheld and mechanical. We’re also able to offer our spray booth as a standalone service, with or without our expert finishing team.


Kiln Drying

At Lopez Contracting Ltd, we are deeply in-tune with our local Vancouver Island network. That’s why we source our all our lumber from up island itself through sustainable upcycling. Our connection to the island is also why we understand there is a shortage of proper wood facilities, one that’s causing a backlog of materials and skyrocketing prices.

And here’s our solution; a state-of-the-art kiln facility right in the backyard of our workshop. Through novel de-humidification technology, we’re able to season lumber from its sappy green state to interior grade in a matter of a 4-5 week cycle (depending on the species and dimensions of course).

As part of our insular and sustainable production model, much of the lumber in our kilns is destined to become premium live-edge tables, but we do have plenty of space to spare. We welcome any clients hoping to stabilize their own wood as a standalone service, or we can offer kilning as part of a woodworking package.


Project Management

General contracting means to function at the centre point of a complex network.  A general contractor manages a myriad of trades, authorities, suppliers and experts and acts as a single point of communication for the client. A good general contractor supervises, arranges, schedules, subcontracts, invoices, and communicates between these parties for the most seamless client-centric experience. At Lopez Contracting Ltd, our management services are what set us apart. Through one point of contact, our clients have access to all the wealth of industry knowledge and capability.

By choosing us, you are choosing a local, diverse, and far-reaching web for your project, arranged  and presented conveniently for your considertation. But it’s more than just our excellent communication that sets us apart, it’s also our understanding of market prices and industry trends. Our management is able to work with you from start to finish, meticulously calculating every option, to come up with the perfect design and budget as per your needs.


Lumber Supply

At Lopez Contracting Ltd, we are driven by twin commitments, to support our local Vancouver Island network as much as possible, and to be completely self sufficient as a workshop. Our workshop hosts a vast array of facilities, true to our vision of a one-stop shop, wherein we can service any construction project from start to finish.

To this ideal, we always aim to extend our capabilities, and have now extended ourselves to beyond start and finish. We source, mill, season and supply any type of lumber, be it dimensional or live edge. In this volatile age of supply chain blockages and unstable material prices, we are proud to assist in a positive way within our local economy, bringing a sense of local connection and stability. All our lumber is sourced from Vancouver Island, and much of our lumber is consciously reclaim, or from pre-felled trees, destined otherwise for waste. Acquiring, transporting and processing this lumber utilizes a network of local, small and family-owned businesses, primarily ours.


Custom Timber & Custom Finishing

Working with timber is our special joy. To us, this represents real hands-on carpentry.

We love to work with high-end slab lumber, live edge lumber, posts and beams. Our access to a custom miller provides a wide variety of wood species in any specified dimension. We love joinery, that craft of interlocking wood with glue and not nails. Whether it’s half-lapped and dovetail joints or bowtie splines, we demonstrate a rare and high level of craftsmanship. It is a privilege to deliver that special West Coast look for clients who want it.


Concrete, Framing & Siding

From foundations to wall, floor, and roof assemblies to custom art installations, we bring aptitude and experience to the table. We are proud of our proven track record of solid workmanship.

We have worked in nearly all facets of construction, including concrete, framing, siding, finishing, decking, gazebos, auxiliary structures, mezzanines, garages, and flooring.



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