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Professional Design Services


Consulation, CADs, Renders, Product Proposals, and Permitting


At Lopez Contracting Ltd, we are proud to host a state-of-the-art design department, and are able to provide professional CAD prints for any project, be it a new mansion or an intricate mechanism. We offer CAD services for all projects we are involved in, as well as a standalone service, at an affordable in-house rate.

Professional design is an essential first step in any successful project. Anybody who has ever completed a construction project might know how many trades, suppliers, authorities, and experts are needed to be involved and work in tandem.

In a project network like this, it’s essential to minimize any room for miscommunication and maximize efficiencies between all involved parties. Design allows for all involved parties to be (quite literally) on the same page, allowing accurate material, time, and cost estimates, as well as completely avoid the taxing constant back and forth. Design speeds up the process, lessens the cost of materials, ensures a safe construction, and is of course essential for any and all permitting. In this manner, design is always a good investment!

CADs can help you realize your dream project before a single piece of wood has been cut! This visualization is extremely beneficial for revising and perfecting your dream. Having finalized CADs at hand ensures that we can match exactly what's in your mind’s eye and lay it out into a step-by-step plan.

Our initial consultation includes a site visit with you, wherein we discuss your vision, share basic sketches, and record data necessary for drafting. We’re certain that we’ll be able to match your inspiration with pinpoint accuracy. You can get the ball rolling on that fantasy project today!