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Live Edge Furnishings


Whilst we love our work, it’s no secret we love some projects more than others. Live edge furniture is the apex of our artisanship, and the culmination of all the services we offer. This high-end and advance form of carpentry is an emerging signature of British Columbia, and utilizes ethical sourcing, kiln drying, milling, planning, joinery, fabrication, design, and finishing. For the discerning client, we have also incorporated CNC and electronics into more cutting-edge pieces.

Every live-edge piece is a living story, frozen in time through proper aging and stabilization, and sealed from the elements via professional finishing. Every one of our bespoke commissions has proven a timeless investment, a relic of nature which sanctifies even the most metropolitan space. It’s not just the nature of wood which makes each piece ‘alive’ as a story, but each piece, as an heirloom, is meant to bear witness to the living stories of each successive generation. These legs are supported by in-house fabricated metals legs, as sleek as they are sturdy, and as seamless as the living memory they hoist up.

We’re able to source, kiln, mill, plane, fabricate, and finish every live edge piece in-house through our highly skilled team of artisans. All our materials, from lumber, metal, to even finishing product is sourced locally through a network of our partnered small businesses. Our live-edge pieces are catered to anyone trying to bring the authenticity and a ‘feel-good’ artefact of Vancouver Island into their home. We especially appreciate working with discerning clients. For our inverted live-edge tables, for example, we’ve worked on commissions with blue epoxy, glass, stones, gems, and even LED backlit Carrara marble rivers.

At our one-stop shop, live-edge means cutting edge. This BC trademark and advanced form of carpentry requires what we already have in abundance, namely: patience, innovation, experience, a keen eye, and infrastructure. Our tables remain our signature craft and tribute to home. At our one-stop shop, stories are always crafted, and stories are always welcome.