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At Lopez Contracting, we’re excited to level-up the customization offered at our one-stop shop with our state-of-the-art CNC facilities and services. Our service is perfect for homeowners, businesses, and entrepreneurs hoping to enhance their brand to a professional and bespoke grade.

Our spindle router and laser engraver allow us to carve in minutes what would have taken a skilled artisan many days. With our design and G-code capabilities, we can lend any design into permanent and motorized memory in the matter of a few hours of transcription, a far cry from the generations of tradition needed to preserve this knowledge in the past.

Our custom engraved siding panels, when sealed with resin and backlit, bring a galaxy to the face of a home. Our spindle router is also perfect for making signs. In fact, we’ve been busy with commercial and residential sign commissions. We’re also experienced in stamps, stencils, and even irons for branding on wood (pun intended). 

With our laser engraver, we’re able to utilize novel information technology like QR codes as an analogue portal into the digital world. With one quick scan, anyone can access your information instantly, be that a menu, digital plaque, ticketing, sales page, a link to your website or social media, or even your contact information. These QR code engraved placards have been at the forefront of a technological revolution for some time, however, with our engraver we can immortalize them onto durable materials for a long-lasting display. Our online shop has a set for everyone, not only are these tiles versatile for use as coasters, panels, shingles, etc., but subject to any custom request, be it wood species, design, dimension, size, or finish. 

Our professional design team is able to work with any images you provide, transcribing them into G-code and onto routing patterns. Once your commission has been adorned on a material and form of your choosing, we retain this same code in our files for any future iteration requests you may have. Aside from design, we also offer complimentary services in our millwork, fabrication, and finishing department to further customize your chosen piece 

We don’t seek to bury the past, but rather to honour it from our modern lens. In fact, it’s our way of trying to keep it around. It’s no secret that artisanship needs an upgrade to keep up with the speed of time. Higher costs of living, operating, materials, and the absence of a patronage system have made handcrafting unviable commercially. 

As a Vancouver Island based company, we want to keep the beauty of this precision around before things get too boring. We believe that CNC is the foundation of our longstanding dream; beautifying our neighbourhoods uniquely and organically. In honour of Vancouver Island’s flavour, our lumber supply is completely locally sourced, and largely reclaim, and yet of the highest quality (bless this land). 

These machines allow us to empower not only our communities with fair employment, but also extend to local artists, homeowners, and businesses access to an affordable service. All manner of engravings, stencils, prints, signs, and merchandise are available to an entrepreneur’s fingertips.

If you were at all interested in beautifying your home or immortalizing your family/business name on a placard or through a brand, we’re thrilled to be of service, and we’d love to speak with you! Your efforts and our friendship, as always, are most treasured and appreciated. Thank you for supporting your friendly neighbourhood woodshop!