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Why Us?


Lopez Contracting and Design Ltd is not your average company; we are an eclectic and passionate team of artisans, and every venture we undertake is a beautiful collaboration. Our diverse set of skills and years of experiential knowledge always enriches a project, resourcefully maximizing its beauty, durability and utility within our allocated budget and timeframe. All of this is done with our pronounced sense of ethics and understanding of our place in the wider world.


At Lopez Contracting Ltd, we are driven by twin commitments, to support our local Vancouver Island network as much as possible, and to be completely self-sufficient as a workshop. Our workshop hosts a vast array of facilities, true to our vision of a one-stop shop, wherein we can service any construction project from start to finish.

Take for example our live-edge tables, a perfect collaboration between our design, supply, woodworking, fabrication, finishing and marketing departments. Each member of every department thrives in a perfect combination of practicality, skill, and creativity, and in constant communication with every other member. What follows is a seamless assimilation across several disciplines.


To this ideal, we always aim to extend our capabilities, and have now extended ourselves to beyond start and finish. We source, mill, season and supply any type of lumber, be it dimensional or live edge. In this volatile age of supply chain blockages and unstable material prices, we are proud to assist in a positive way within our local economy, bringing a sense of local connection and stability. All our lumber is sourced from Vancouver Island, and is exclusively from reclaim or pre-felled trees, destined otherwise for waste. Acquiring, transporting, and processing this lumber utilizes a network of local, small, and family-owned businesses like ours.


Our one-stop shop means a hassle-free project for you. We are able to provide services which our competitors or clients would otherwise have to outsource. And for any service we can’t do in-house, you can be sure our general contractor will be arranging a partnered local business to fulfill. Our shop is the one-stop for all things construction, and our general contractor is the one and only point of communication you need to rely on to get your project done.


General contracting means to function at the center point of a complex network. A general contractor manages a myriad of trades, authorities, suppliers, and experts, acting as your single point of communication. Our very own Matthew Lopez, for example, supervises, arranges, schedules, subcontracts, invoices, and communicates between various parties on your behalf for the most seamless client-centric experience. Through one point of contact, you have access to all our wealth of industry knowledge and capability, and that’s the Lopez charm!

We deeply understand that construction is a mutual commitment, and though it might be our hand work, it’s ultimately your brainchild. We’re committed to understanding your vision as if it were our own, and we excel in keeping the client updated as to progress, timeline, and costs through our weekly updates. Once the project is complete, our invoice demonstrates a transparent and meticulous breakdown of every hour spent on the project.


By choosing us, you are choosing a local, diverse, and far-reaching web for your project, arranged, and presented conveniently for your consideration. But it’s more than just our excellent communication that sets us apart- it’s also our understanding of market prices and industry trends. Our team is happy to work with you from start to finish, meticulously calculating every option to come up with the perfect design and budget as per your needs. From Mind to Matter, Sketches to Structures, Imagination to Innovation!



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