Finished Live Edge Lumber



Lumber Supply and Services

In this era of volatile lumber prices and unpredictable availability, the value of a stable lumber supply is not lost on us. We are equipped and experienced to source, season, service and supply lumber for both our own projects, as well as our partners and clients. Our supply chain is reliable, ethical, affordable, and supportive of a chain of local small businesses. We operate outside of the corporate lumber supply chain which is so easily subject to adverse economic forces. In short, Lopez Contracting Ltd’s lumber service and supply department is Vancouver Island’s best kept secret!

Lopez Contracting Ltd is driven by two commitments; the first is to support our local network of small businesses and workers and ingrain ourselves within these symbiotic relationships. The second is to be as self-sustainable as possible as a business, meaning that our workshop should be a one stop shop for a client who is aiming to see a construction project from start through finish. These twin commitments exemplify our understanding of our place as a company within the wider world. We stand for community, sustainability, and our environment.

In an effort to remain true to both these ideals simultaneously, we’ve addressed both commitments through our Lumber Supply and Service department. Before a project is even commenced, and before a single chop has been made into the wood, Lopez Contracting Ltd is equipped to source all the required lumber for the job through our Vancouver Island based network. Our wood is sourced largely from pre-committed contracts or tress felled by our environmentally conscious arborist partners. This manner of sourcing is not only ethical but allows for us to source quality lumber which would otherwise be going to waste. As well, it supports our arborist partners.

Our wood is destined for both live-edge and dimensional lumber. Once milled in-house as required, our lumber is placed in our state-of-the-art kiln drying facilities. Our novel kilns utilize cutting edge dehumidification technology and are able to draw out the moisture content from the wood itself, hence stabilizing the lumber which would otherwise be subject to warping in various weather conditions. Our kilns can season most lumber within one 5-week cycle, after which the lumber would have achieved ‘interior grade’ moisture content. Our kilns allow us to do in just over a month what would take air seasoning one to two years! Though some of the wood in the kiln is destined for our own use, these gargantuan structures can accommodate so much more than that. We also offer Kiln drying as a standalone service, and have serviced businesses, hobbyists and even homeowners with excess slabs.

In addition to milling, dimensioning and kiln drying lumber, we are also able to pre-fabricate lumber through staining and joinery, which can be prepared in-house and trucked to the relevant jobsite for assembly. For live-edge pieces, we offer planing slabs through our own invention; the lignum planus machina, which allows for the unruliest pieces to be brought to level. Sanding at any level of grit for lumber of any dimension is also readily offered as part of our finishing department. Each of our lumber services, be it sourcing, seasoning, milling, planning, finishing, pre-fabricating or supplying is available as a standalone service for contractors, hobbyists, or any customers. We’d be happy to help expedite any part of your project! Email us at or call us at +1 (250) 885-2902 today!