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Spray and Finish Booth Services


Wood might make for sturdy constructions and beautiful forms, but without the aesthetic touch of a finished surface, it remains just that, wood. A good finish can let wood take on unlimited potential; it can shine glossy like glass, or blend in subtly with matte. It can be sanded down to a sleek smooth surface, and its negative spaces can be filled with resin for even more character. A finish could complete the aesthetic of your product, but it can also make it a durable and everlasting exterior grade. Not to mention, a good finish can literally colour a project to your preference.

Here at our workshop, we host a state-of-the-art finish booth. Our finish department works in tandem with our skilled workers to finish a myriad of projects; from building faces, to easels, to even metal pickets. We understand wood, metal, glass and fabric, and how these materials work together. We host a number of finishing tools which are both handheld and mechanical. We’re also able to offer our spray booth as a standalone service, with or without our expert finishing team.