Kiln Drying Facilities and Services


Kiln Drying Facilities and Services


Vancouver Island's Best Kept Secret

At Lopez Contracting Ltd, we are deeply in-tune with our local Island network. That’s why we source our all our lumber from up island itself through sustainable upcycling. We understand there is a shortage of proper wood facilities, one that’s causing a backlog of materials and skyrocketing prices. And here’s our solution; a state-of-the-art kiln facility right in the backyard of our workshop.

Through novel de-humidification technology, we’re able to season lumber from its sappy green state to interior grade within 4 week cycle (depending on the species and dimensions of course). Our kilns have plenty of space to spare. We welcome any clients hoping to stabilize their own wood as a standalone service, or as part of a millwork package.

Our wood is destined for both live-edge and dimensional lumber. Once milled in-house as required, our lumber is placed in our state-of-the-art kiln drying facilities. Our novel kilns utilize cutting edge dehumidification technology and are able to draw out the moisture content from the wood itself, hence stabilizing the lumber which would otherwise be subject to warping in various weather conditions.

Our kilns can season most lumber within one 4-week cycle, after which the lumber would have achieved ‘interior grade’ moisture content. Our kilns allow us to do in just over a month what would take air seasoning one to two years! Though some of the wood in the kiln is destined for our own use, these gargantuan structures can accommodate so much more than that. We also offer Kiln drying as a standalone service, and have serviced businesses, hobbyists and even homeowners with excess slabs.