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Project Management and General Contracting


General contracting means to function at the center point of a complex network.  A general contractor manages a myriad of trades, authorities, suppliers, and experts and acts as a single point of communication for the client. A good general contractor supervises, arranges, schedules, subcontracts, invoices, and communicates between these parties for the most seamless client-centric experience. At Lopez Contracting Ltd, our management services are what set us apart. Through one point of contact, our clients have access to all the wealth of industry knowledge and capability.

By choosing us, you are choosing a local, diverse, and far-reaching web for your project, arranged and presented conveniently for your consideration. But it’s more than just our excellent communication that sets us apart, it’s also our understanding of market prices and industry trends. Our management is able to work with you from start to finish, meticulously calculating every option, to come up with the perfect design and budget as per your needs.