Winter Road

Above, below, and on the ground—the renovation of this Winter Road property in beautiful Metchosin was no small task. Our client acquired the property following a foreclosure and envisioned a different look. We made that vision real.

The garage had 18-foot ceilings, and our client wanted to make better use of the loft space. To make that happen, we cut the bottom cords of its prefabricated trusses, installed a long LVL beam along the ridge, and then put in dimensional rafters to vault the ceiling and open the space even further. We also framed an entire flooring platform ten feet up from the slab in the garage.

The client had cedar and Douglas trees that were felled nearby and milled onsite. We used those timbers inside the mezzanine to give it a rustic ranch feel, but also used them on the exterior. Trellis and awning work over the garage and the back of the house provided a patio area. We built a new deck and also punched out and framed a new entry into the house to allow a direct entry and exit. And we completed siding.

We excavated around the perimeter and put in perforated drain tile to keep water from entering the house and crawl space. This work was especially important for the Metchosin area. (It has bountiful rains that occasionally leave surplus ground water, as well as tall trees with large root systems.) We also put in concrete and stripped footings and framed the interior in the basement. The result was an improved use of space that included a reliable ground seal to preserve that work for decades.

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