Mark Lane

What started as a simple foundation build became an artistic challenge. The homeowner at Mark Lane wanted something more aesthetic than drab concrete. How about a mural to face the sea?

We enjoy artistry—and a challenge. So, our creativity went to work.

We mocked up some sea creatures out of quarter-inch plywood and layered it for a 3D texture. The idea was to screw those templates into the inside of the formwork so that when the concrete poured it would conform to the templates. Once the concrete was stripped, the effect would be a bar relief.

The client gave the go-ahead, though later she had some more ideas. The project evolved even more after we made a great find at a local market. Their pre-cast metal starfish, crabs, and other sea creatures were a perfect addition. We spot-welded these with three-eighths threaded rod on the underbelly side. This way, all of the sea creatures could get affixed to the new sculpture.

It took three days to carve, cut out, and form the template. Rustproof aerosol paints made the pre-cast creatures pop out in a satisfying way. For good measure, an epoxy resin was added to further protect them from the erosion of the sea.

The mural has become well known at Saanich Inlet at Brentwood Bay and has become conversation piece for passers-by and even those who visit the kayaking club. It is our joy to offer great craftsmanship that everyone can appreciate.

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