Hawkes Pl

The best part about dedication to quality work is that everyone enjoys the results. That is especially important when your family hires you. When my brother and sister-in-law wanted to turn the bottom floor of their house into a rentable suite, they knew whom to turn to. Its location in Duncan left me without access to my track saw. No matter, I made the required cuts to the birchwood with a table saw in the garage—with no sacrifice to quality.

Before we began, the space was claustrophobic and impractical. Walls came out with bump-outs and shelves in a weird layout. We brought in fresh lumber and mold-resistant drywall. We also put in custom cabinetry between the refrigerator and the stove.

The kitchenette cabinetry was scribed with nice detail and slotted right into the wall. We cut vents to facilitate airflow for heating.

A bathroom can make or break a home sale and the same goes for rentals. We made a platform for the bathtub and shower surround that was later finished with tile. My brother and sister-in-law are pleased, and now, so are the tenants who found a beautiful place to move into.

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