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Lopez Contracting is incorporated as Matthew Lopez Contracting Ltd.

My name is Matthew Lopez, and I love designing and crafting beauty using tools, intellect, and manual dexterity. I am a local artisan, custom builder, designer, carpenter, fabricator, operator and inventor. The work I and my team have completed spans from residential constructions to commercial renovations to commissioned art pieces.

My team has proven experience with concrete, siding, framing, finishing, fences, decks, gazebos, fixtures and more. We've done a lot, we've done it well, we've done it on time and in budget, and we're game for more!

Lopez Contracting maintains a client-centred approach in all we do. This includes the way we estimate costs for potential clients. We can work at a fixed price or cost plus. Before we take on a job, we go on site, assess the potential project, and walk clients through what the job entails, and then an informed decision can be made on which option to choose. Careful attention during the quoting process ensures everyone shares the same vision.

Fixed Price

Cost certainty is especially important to some clients. For these clients, we are happy to provide a guaranteed price at the outset. The challenge for us is to allow a fair margin for contingencies. Every building project has the potential for unforeseen challenges, so we account for these in our guaranteed price.

Cost Plus

Cost plus is a different arrangement. At the beginning, we estimate what our costs will be, with the understanding that those costs could increase as the project unfolds. For example, clients may change their mind about certain details such as the windows or doors that will be chosen. They might also decide to expand the scope of the renovation or build.

This cost-plus arrangement ensures there is no need for a new quote due to unexpected contingencies or a change of mind. The same rates agreed upon at the beginning simply continue as the project evolves. We make sure to provide transparency so that our clients are kept abreast of the costs and our progress. Our integrity means that we keep diligent track of man hours worked, and provide updates on these and the cost of materials with receipts included. Our communication and transparency is your assurance.




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