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Lopez Contracting is incorporated as Matthew Lopez Contracting Ltd.

We love designing and crafting beauty using tools, intellect, and manual dexterity. We are local artisans, custom builders, designers, carpenters, fabricators, operators and inventors. The work our team has completed spans from residential constructions to commercial renovations to commissioned art pieces.

Our team has proven experience with concrete, siding, framing, finishing, fences, decks, gazebos, fixtures and more. We've done a lot, we've done it well, we've done it on time and in budget, and we're game for more!

Our Team

Andres Ocampo



Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Andres grew up in Victoria BC, and has been with the Lopez Contracting since June of 2016. An experienced millworker with a speciality in finishing, Andres brings a myriad of skills to the workbench, and thrives in his versatility. Andres is a master of both realms of fine precision and structural builds. Forever the experiential learner, every job is a new class under Andres’ toolbelt. His delicate and final touch ups make a world of difference, and accentuate a product into a finished work of art.

Aren Ludlow



Aren is our red seal ticketed foreman, originally from Salt Spring Island, he has been with the team since January of 2020 and has been in the trades for the past 6 years. Aren is our in-house expert for fine carpentry, cabinets, concrete countertops, machines, and CADs. Aren’s drive comes from a desire to innovate and think his way around difficult problems, usually inventing some kind of technique or machine which proves immensely helpful to the team and our process. Aren is an autodidact and thrives in perfecting challenges with increasingly refined thought and method.

Justin Akenclose



Justin is our metal specialist and has been with us since November of 2020. Justin was born and raised in Lake Cowichan, and the natural beauty of the island has left a marked image in his inner eye. His metal accompaniments to our live-edge products, for example, are beautiful compliments, made in a sleek yet classic style, and reveals a nuanced understanding of his metalcraft and its play with a number of materials. Justin has been welding for seven years and fabricating for an additional 3. He refined his skills through formal training in metalwork, and is B ticketed. He is driven by a deep-seated desire to make quality craft and gives caring attention to every millimetre of metal. He is especially fond of working with aluminium, steel and stainless steel. He finds particular satisfaction in torch cuts and brazing.

Matthew Lopez


The leader of our team, as well as our chief innovator, manager, and supervisor, Matthew founded Lopez Contracting Ltd in 2016 with a unique vision and philosophy which remains deeply ingrained in our ark. Matthew has under his belt 18 years of experience in various trades, and diligently excelled at the crafts within various positions and skillsets, with a vision of what was to come all along. Matthew’s leadership was developed in his experience as a supervisor and planner and he brings a refined management style. His approach his hands on, and his ability to manifest an idea to life has directed our team through 4 years of collective synergy and success.

Matthew is effectively the face of the company, both in the sense that he communicates with the client in direct collaboration, both also in that he guides the entire project throughout with a keen eye and clear direction.

Matthew’s long study in sacred geometry and the principles of form also manifest in our unique yet simple comfort-luxury style. He is driven above else by the idea of perfection, in every product, job or written line.

Zuber Singh



Zuber is our communications specialist, handling marketing, documentation, project coordination and scheduling. Originally from New Delhi, India and having grown up in a few countries, he has been with the team since September of 2020. Zuber is driven by the idea of accessibility, direction and respectful representation in all things relating to communication. He has a love of words and seeks to capture the many moments of our craftsmanship in the shop. These memories he hopes to translate onto preserved writing. By sharing this feeling in more tangible ways, he is driven to create a strong craft-culture, enriching both the shop, and all interactions with clients and partners.




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