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50% Discount on all Kiln Drying - Limited Time Offer

We sharing some warmth this winter!

Since the New Year we've made some exciting developments in our millwork department, and as the icy winds begin to thaw into a beautiful spring, we thought to share some warmth to our fellow local businesses and wood enthusiasts for this final leg of winter.


We're offering a 50% discount on all kiln orders (down from $2/bd.ft.) for all orders over 500 board feet! We would be happy to extend this limited time winter special discount for all parties you're able to refer to us. We’re able to season most lumber from its sappy green state to interior grade within a 4 week cycle, and our kilns have plenty of space to spare. 

We welcome anyone hoping to stabilize their own wood as a standalone service, or as part of a millwork package. We offer premium wood milling, planing, sanding, and finishing services for any lumber you may have. 


We also host an ethical lumber supply for any local species or dimensions of lumber. Our workshop includes an in-house design department, fabrication booth, an in-house spray booth, and CNC engraving for any highly custom work. If you ever have need of our services, we'd deeply appreciate it if you considered us. You can see the full array of our services here.


Thank you for your time and for supporting your friendly neighbourhood woodshop! We're glad to be of service, and hope to speak with you soon.


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Our Triple Crown Philosophy

Some years ago, I innately understood that a building structure should have three important attributes. First, it should be structurally sound. Second, it should be aesthetically pleasing. Third, it should be attainable or affordable. Ever since, I have strived to make everything I do worthy of this triple crown of excellence.

During a ferry ride to Vancouver, I saw my young son had drawn Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man in my notebook. To my surprise, my son’s sketch led me to discover the historic importance of this idea. This world-famous sketch of a man in a circle, his arms outstretched in two different overlapping poses, has become iconic. A Wikipedia search showed me how Da Vinci was inspired by proportions described by Vitruvius in his ancient treatise of De Architectura.

Vitruvius was arguably the greatest architect in history. His work is the only major surviving publication on architecture from classical antiquity. It was written for Emperor Augustus, made famous in the Bible for his census which brought Jesus’ parents to Bethlehem. Eminent Roman architects such as Vitruvius were skilled in engineering, art, and craftsmanship. As an army engineer himself, Vitruvius had overseen all manner of building and construction for wars and settlements across Europe and North Africa.

The most famous maxim of Vitruvius was that architecture should embody three qualities: utilitias, firmitas, and venustas. In English, this means that great handiwork should be useful, sturdy, and with beautiful proportions. (Just imagine what Venus, the goddess of love, might look like.)

I was delighted and not disappointed to find out that my idea was old and not new. It gives me more motivation than ever to offer you the product of a triple crown craftsman: sturdy, useful, and beautiful work at a reasonable price.