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12 Updates of Christmas Pt 7:

Look Ma We’re on a Shirt!


Dear Friend,

Hi from Lopez Contracting! I hope you’re enjoying the cheer of the holiday season!



I’ve always thought merch and signage is great for team spirit, it gives you something tangible to wear proudly, and of course everyone loves to have work apparel. Our team loves to have something to show off! We are Lopez Contracting and Design of course, and no better way to celebrate that by showing our custom sketches, philosophy, and symbols. 


The aspect of the shirts and banners I’m most proud of are the crowns on top which were scanned from a block of wood that my son Noah and I had jointly chiseled out. I was thrilled on seeing my son learning carving and hand tools, and I was also touched that he chose my company’s logo to engrave. I kept that piece of wood knowing one day its story could be amplified, and I thought there was no better way to do that than have it on the logo!

There’s a funny story about the next element of that logo actually. A few months ago, and in a moment of inspiration, I had sketched the triangle initially onto the right thigh of my work pants. When the pants came to the end of their life (that happens often in this line of work), I kept that one patch, and then I put it on a shirt. This represents the tripart theme of our worldview and philosophy. It helps unify into a triune of words the timeless axiom of Vitruvius: utilitas, venustas, and firmitas, or utility, beauty, and structural integrity.

We’re also excited to finally feature our new logo for ‘Lopez Contracting & Design’ and as you can see the design is handwritten. We acquired a large order from Dad’s Printing, in all standard sizes, as well as in long sleeves, short sleeves, and all in either white and black or black and white.

Since we had the design in hand and because I thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase some signage, I finally decided to get a large mesh banner hosting the conveniently rearranged design elements from the shirt. We placed an order with Graphic FX and picked it up shortly thereafter (great service by the way!) If you’re ever by the Shelbourne and McKenzie area keep your eyes peeled at University Heights! We would love to hear what you think about it, and feel free to send us a photo too!

Thank you so much for your time, Friend. We deeply appreciate your support of our friendly neighbourhood one-stop workshop! We're always glad to be of service, and on behalf of our team we wish you happy holidays!

Kind regards,

Matthew Lopez
General Contractor
Lopez Contracting & Design Ltd
+1 (250) 885-2902

About Lopez Contracting & Design Ltd:

Lopez Contracting & Design Ltd is a local and emerging artisanal contracting company that specializes in highly custom projects, ranging from renovations to bespoke commissions such as live-edge furniture. Our one-stop shop strongly values our community, and we strive to operate within a 100% local network of partnered suppliers, sub-trades, artisans, and specialists. Our wood supply network, for example, sources largely from local ethical arborists.

We host a beautiful and diverse display of Vancouver Island’s finest lumber specimen, ready to be kilned, milled, sanded, edged, finished, or otherwise prepared right here in our shop for any discerning patron or project. Our one-stop shop offers singularly rare and unique services right here in the heart of Victoria, including one of downtown’s only kiln, lathe, and CNC services.


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Our Triple Crown Philosophy

Some years ago, I innately understood that a building structure should have three important attributes. First, it should be structurally sound. Second, it should be aesthetically pleasing. Third, it should be attainable or affordable. Ever since, I have strived to make everything I do worthy of this triple crown of excellence.

During a ferry ride to Vancouver, I saw my young son had drawn Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man in my notebook. To my surprise, my son’s sketch led me to discover the historic importance of this idea. This world-famous sketch of a man in a circle, his arms outstretched in two different overlapping poses, has become iconic. A Wikipedia search showed me how Da Vinci was inspired by proportions described by Vitruvius in his ancient treatise of De Architectura.

Vitruvius was arguably the greatest architect in history. His work is the only major surviving publication on architecture from classical antiquity. It was written for Emperor Augustus, made famous in the Bible for his census which brought Jesus’ parents to Bethlehem. Eminent Roman architects such as Vitruvius were skilled in engineering, art, and craftsmanship. As an army engineer himself, Vitruvius had overseen all manner of building and construction for wars and settlements across Europe and North Africa.

The most famous maxim of Vitruvius was that architecture should embody three qualities: utilitias, firmitas, and venustas. In English, this means that great handiwork should be useful, sturdy, and with beautiful proportions. (Just imagine what Venus, the goddess of love, might look like.)

I was delighted and not disappointed to find out that my idea was old and not new. It gives me more motivation than ever to offer you the product of a triple crown craftsman: sturdy, useful, and beautiful work at a reasonable price.