Westdowne Road

The bigger the challenge, the greater the satisfaction to meet it. The derelict and dilapidated property at Westdowne Road in Victoria needed as much work as a new build. Over seven months of labour, we transformed it into a bigger, brighter, and better property than ever.

On the outside, we built a new deck, put in a back entry with a concrete retainer, and even building the outside deck. The roof was transformed in somewhat tricky ways. A zigzag inside corner was changed to an exterior one. A valley became a ridgeline. And we used two-by-six lumber for higher quality.

The interior went through equally substantial changes. First, we put three-plied laminated structural LVL beams in the ceiling. These overhead beams transferred the weight of the roof to the exterior load-bearing walls. This allowed us to tear down interior partitions and create a spacious and brightly-lit dining and living room area. We framed the stairs, installed the mantel over the fireplace, and put in baseboards, trim, doors, windows, subfloors, and finished flooring. The upgrade included extensive engineering to modernize the home for seismic activity.

The client wanted custom shelving in the walk in closet between the master bedroom and the bathroom we renovated. He handed us the dimensions he wanted, including the location of the gables. We scribed freehand cuts and used block planers and sanders to ensure the shelving properly met the wall. We also remodelled the pantry to provide more space, again with the use of custom shelving.

As beautiful as these images are, it is even more impressive when you can touch the product and get the sense of its fine finish. We are happy to take the time and effort required to do excellent work that leaves clients satisfied.

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