Abraham Court

The golden rule says we should treat others how we would like to be treated ourselves. This is how I strive to live and work. At Abraham Court, the renovation for our client really did end up being for me. Towards the end of the job, I ended up renting the suite I had been working on.

I could not have expected any of this at the beginning. I was initially hired to replace some damaged doors and possibly tighten some loose carpet. As the high quality of my work became apparent, the work requests grew until they became a full-on renovation.

Carpet, linoleum, and trim were taken out, and new subfloors and finished flooring put in. Rockwool acoustical insulation barriers were installed. Five-eighths drywall and new doors provided fire barriers between suites. Both bathrooms received mold-resistant drywall, while niche shelving was set into the new shower. The stairs were redone to match the new height of the flooring and to take out the squeaks.

We framed new walls to add another bedroom. Mahogany custom floating shelving was put into the master bedroom walk-in closet. Other custom artistry included a table that we cut in half and turned into a wall-mounted fixture that can function as a desk. We scraped off the popcorn-textured ceilings and hired a painter to infuse more contemporary tones.

When I realized the garage would become mine, I drew up the design for steel shelving. The welder I hired do the work said its load-bearing qualities were far above typical standards. That is the kind of excellence I want for both myself and for our clients.

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